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Kids Corner

Polk Street School

Polk Street Bulldog Mascot


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Special Guests:  Our Kindergarten Teachers



A Day in Clay

All 6th graders were able to participate in A Day in Clay with Mr. Cliff Medelson.  He taught us special techniques that the Ancient Greeks used to make clay pottery. He also showed us some really cool tools! We used those tools and techniques to create our very own clay pots.  It was so much fun to see everyone's different styles and designs.
At the end, Mr. Medndelson even showed us some special painting patterns. Once our clay pots dry, we will paint them in Art, using these unique and creative patterns.

Check out our slideshow from A Day in Clay!


6th Graders share What They See in 2023!

I see myself getting better at volleyball and reaching my AR goals. -Inaaya

I look forward to graduating and receiving my yearbook. -Viviana

I see myself graduating and going to Carey!  -Oliver

I see myself reaching Double Classic.  -Bella

I see myself graduating and getting to watch a movie that I have been waiting for.  -Dean

I am looking forward to seeing the Super Bowl and Women's World Cup. -Maggie

I want to focus on myself and get better in school and sports.  -Paul

I see myself attending more musicals, like Aladdin and Wicked.  -Alyza

I am looking forward to graduating and getting to go to Adventureland with my friends.  -Christian

I am looking forward to starting Carey and a new soccer team!  -Lizzy

I see myself going to CArey and meeting new people.  -Natalie

I see myself improving in basketball.  -Orion

I see myself playing Fall soccer at Carey. -Luciano


6th graders

6th graders  6th graders

John Street News

John Street Cougars mascot


John Street School Freckle Bowl

Freckle Bowl Graphic

The Super Bowl is coming up and John Street School is hosting something similarly exciting!  John Street School has a fun event happening now known as “The Freckle Bowl”.   It is a competition between all grades and classes to win a prize.  A few 6th graders made a video encouraging the grade levels to play Freckle.  The rules are that students have to set a goal.   The goal can target either high accuracy or correct answers.  Mr. Lee, Assistant Principal, said “It would be best to choose the middle option. Once you reach whatever goal you set, whether high accuracy or correct answers, your class gets a point.   The class with the highest percentage of the kids who reach their goal move on to the next round.  John Street students are very excited about the Freckle Bowl and are eager to see who will win the prize!  Here are some pictures below about the Freckle Bowl!

Freckle Bowl  Freckle

Reily D. 


H.F. Carey Grade 6 Music Trip

Band Performing

In just a few months, the John Street School grade 6 students will graduate from John Street and head off to H. Frank Carey or a private school.  Many 6th graders are going to Carey, so we went on a field trip to visit and take a look at the fun music options they have to offer!  The options for music class are Beginners Band (for if you didn’t do band in 6th grade), Band, Orchestra, Chorus and General Music.  Unfortunately, you can only choose one music option.  They showed us all of the choices and played some music for us. Students from Polk Street and Washington Street were there too! We were given a survey to fill out and showed our preference for our music selection. One sixth grader said, “Now I know what to expect, and it makes me less nervous than I was before the field trip.” 

orchestra  orchestra

Riley D.



John Street School Blood Drive

 Students at Blood Drive

John Street School hosted a Blood Drive on Tuesday, January 24th.  Our annual blood drive was sponsored by our grade 5 students.  It is a pleasure to announce that John Street collected 53 pints of blood!  This means that the John Street Community donated enough blood to save over 159 lives!   Thanks to all our donors and 5th grade teachers, students and volunteers for a successful event!

Students at blood drive  Students at blood drive

Miles R. - “It was so fun to help.”

Grade 5 Students 



John Street School Goats

School wall

The sixth graders at JSS made their own “Goat Stickers”. GOATS stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.  Grade 6 students were asked how they could be the “GOAT” of this new year.   The 6th graders colored in a GOAT stencil making them unique and adding special features.  Some kids choose to replicate an original GOAT sticker while others choose to create their own design.   Students then took an index card and wrote their personal goals for 2023.  Some students wrote about practicing their instrument, getting better at a sport, making friends and achieving new goals. This is just one of the many activities we did to start the new year.  Take a look at the masterpieces the  6th grader made for 2023! We should all try to be the “GOAT”! 

Riley D.


Text graphic: 'Washington Street School'

6th Grade Chats

6th graders were asked what they were looking forward to in the new year. They shared their thoughts and comments about some upcoming events.


What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Students in the hallway

We are looking forward to getting good grades this year.- Angelina E and Kennedy P.

I can't wait to graduate and make new friends- Sarah T.

I am excited about more things to do, like joining new clubs and playing sports- Manceley P. and Kyler M.

I am looking forward to joining the orchestra because I have been playing the violin for a long time.- Emily P.

I am excited for the field trips like adventureland that I have heard so much about.- Juliana T.

I am looking forward to going to Carey but I will still miss Washington Street.- Isabella D.

I am looking forward to going to new places- Alyssa P.

I am excited about being challenged more- Vincent M.

I can not wait to graduate, it is something I am really looking forward to.- Samarpreet K.

The fun 6th grade activities are something we can’t wait for.- Elissa L. and Despina M

Graduating and having fun field trips with my class.- Kaden R. and Ryan K.


Holiday Spirit at Washington Street

Classrooms participated in the annual “Deck the Door” contest. Each door sparked holiday cheer and got everyone into the holiday spirit. Classes also decorated ornaments for the tree display in the main lobby. The winter concert was also a huge success. Students performed classic holiday songs that they prepared for in music and band class.  - Vincent P.


Click here to view the photo slideshow.


Special Visit

Washington Street had a special visit from the Nassau County Police Department. Officers visited classrooms and spoke about safety and the importance of their job. 
Sofia H.


Nassau County Police Department with students  Nassau County Police Department with students


Wildcats Store

Introducing the WSS Wildcats Outlet, which is a school store for students by students. The Wildcat outlet is for students to purchase supplies like pencils, erasers and markers as well as some fun fidgets. The store is run by Washington Street students. This is a great way for students to practice  social emotional communication skills, math competencies and language development. Each classroom signed up for a specific time to visit the school store.


Students at school store  Students at school store