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Kids Corner

Polk Street School

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A Day in Clay

Sixth graders had the chance to participate in an amazing activity. We created clay pottery just like the Ancient Greeks! Mr. Cliff Mendelson came to Polk Street to teach us the same techniques and designs they used. We got to try them out and created our own designs, too! We will paint them in Art in just a few weeks. Check out our slideshow of photos below!

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2024 Word of the Year

Energetic. I will be more talkative and active in public or with my family and friends. -Harshveer
Patient. I will do my best to wait for someone and not get angry if it's taking too long. -Emmanuel
Responsible. I will set alarms on my phone to help me remember important things and place important things in spots I will remember.
-Sofia M.

Forgiving. I will do my best to forgive others and not hold a grudge. -Cami
Brave. I will push myself out of my comfort zone to make new friends. -Sofia J.
Adventurous.  I need to be more outgoing so I will push myself to do unique and fun things. -Avery
Mature. I will start being more mature by listening to my parents, being respectful, being responsible and working hard.

Helpful. I will do the dishes after being asked to and not complain. I will also help with the laundry. -Maria
Protective. I will try to make things better, not bigger and stick up for someone being hurt. -Jacob
Attentive. I forget a lot of things so I will set reminders and take notes. -Grace.
Brave.  I am so nervous to try new things. I will work. my way up by starting with small things and then going for big ones.




John Street News

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Where students report on the amazing happenings at John Street School.



JSS SOUPer Bowl food collection for the Harry Chapin Food Bank.




Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!! At John Street School a lot of kids make such beautiful and thoughtful art work!! They  all work very hard on them!!! We are so happy to be starting a fresh year with all John street Schools students. I know that 2024 will be a great year!!!!

By Emma and Ava.P

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr Day was celebrated all around John Street School. When interviewed, one kindergartener said “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in equal justice for all people.” Another kindergartner said “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched for justice.” One more kindergartner said “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote books about justice.” Ms Uhoda said “It is so important to work for justice today.”

By Ryan


Blood Drive FUN!

5th grade got to listen to a presentation from a NY Blood Drive representative. John Street School’s Blood Drive took place on January 23, 2024. Your process of the donation does not take long at all.  The process will take up to one hour tops. Your donation will take one pint of blood out of eight to ten pints of the blood you have. Did you know that you save up to three lives by one donation? Saving people in need always feels good!

By: Nicholas, Santino, Luke, Declan

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All county Fun 

My Friends and I got chosen to do an All County music festival at the Tilles center and had a blast. Here are the songs we Performed when I closed my eyes, Dream Keeper wako wapee, C

By Marian



Winter Door Competition

Classes at John Street have put a lot of time and effort into transforming their doors into a winter wonderland. Each class has put their own idea of winter on their door, if you were to walk past at least a few you would see winter characters, animals , and much more. 

By Emma & Peyton

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Cougar Comic 

By Tony and Lorenzo

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Wildly Important Goal

Following the district theme, “ Unleashing Your Best You” Washington Street is focusing on reaching a goal of 10 million steps and 20,000 mindful minutes. The goal helps students recognize personal wellness, combining  fitness and social emotional wellbeing. A student spirit week kicked off the initiative.

 Strive for a million steps


Building Team Kids Update 

The Washington Street Building Team Kids enjoy participating in exciting activities around the building. The 6th grade students visited Pre-K classrooms as guest readers. They read their favorite  seasonal stories and shared their winter traditions with the students. Kindergarten students had a visit from the Building Team Kids as well. The 4th, 5th and 6th graders led winter games during recess. All the students loved participating.

Group of Students  Group of Students


Holiday Toy Drive & WSS Holiday Traditions

Holiday Toy Drive

Washington Street collected holiday toys in partnership with Assemblyman Ed Ra’s toy drive. Students were reminded about the joys of giving back to the community and helping kids who are less fortunate have a special holiday. This is one of the many holiday traditions at Washington Street including deck the doors, holiday caroling in the halls with Mrs. Tesar and Trim the tree to name a few. These are great ways to wish everyone a happy and safe season.

Toy drive  Toy drive